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Hi! I’m Adam Chiocca, and I’ve started a new, good company/ organization with some big goals, and a great mission. We’re going to build 14 dance studios in 14 major American cities, for young people of color, and underprivileged kids! My mission is also about supporting Black and Brown moms, dads, and families. Buy my book to learn all about the mission!


50 Days To A Better Life

In this book, 50 Days to a Better Life! The Chiocca Network 50-day System to Personal Transformation! Adam Chiocca reveals 50 ways that helped him change his life, in miraculous ways. He was struggling with a drinking problem, overcome with anxiety and depression. Was suicide the answer? No, by the grace of God, and this good universe, he decided to live his life, on his terms. He chose happiness, peace, joy and volunteering to God. You, too, can live a better life! Just read this book!


50 Days To A Better Investment

I realize it may seem strange to read a book like this. Is it a call to action/ a business plan? I guess it’s just an honest explanation of my vision for this great company and mission, and yes, it’s also a call to action, to help me. I will say that it’s like I’m simply asking the universe to help me build this. Yes, it’s an ask to the universe.


50 Days to a Better Mindset

In 50 Days to a Better Mindset, Adam gives you a unique personal development system, in 50 short chapters, which can easily be read over 50 days.  He passes on wisdom and knowledge he learned from reading over 100 books during his midlife crisis, and subsequent personal transformation.  This manual on how to have a better mindset gets right to the most important things we can do, and should do, to get a better mindset.

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